Organic Lip Balm

Best Aromatics LIP BALM  (4.25 g)   £2.50

lip-balmOrganic lip balm to help soothe chapped, sore lips, whilst also acting as natural barrier to the elements. Made entirely from organic and ethically sourced ingredients.

Best Aromatic Organic Lip Balms contain:

  • Organic natural waxes & butters to protect lips from nature’s elements
  • Organic vegetable oils to soften and moisturise lips.
  • Organic pure essential oils which enhance the therapeutic nature of the lip balm and add fragrance and flavour.

Current Lip Balm range:

  • Choco’Mint – reminiscent of a chocolate after dinner mint
  • Lemon & Tangerine – refreshing and uplifting
  • Rose Geranium – soothing & calming
  • Chocolate Orange – for the chocoholics!
  • Raspberry & Vanilla – fruity fun!
  • Spearmint – cool & minty
Order Organic Lip Balm 4.25g stick @ £2.50

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