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The Best Aromatics range of natural therapeutic products formulated to soothe, moisturise, calm, cleanse, tone and protect your

Best Aromatics, on the Yorkshire Wolds, uses natural, organic and ethically sourced raw ingredients. For example, organic cocoa butter from a women’s fair-trade cooperative in Ghana.  We select pure, organic, essential oils for their aromatic and therapeutic properties before clinical aromatherapist Deborah Best, blends and adds them to our products. Deborah designs and makes all our creams, balms and gels by hand. She makes everything in small batches to ensure freshness and optimum shelf-life.

Finding your way around the Best Aromatics website

Finding what you want is easy – take a look the menus. There you will find a search tool and a list of aromatherapy products arranged by type and also by purpose.

For instance, if you need a lip balm, look for the group of aromatherapy products titled ‘Face, Eyes & Lips’. There you find a link to the organic lip balms. Scroll down further to the group entitled ‘Balms & Salves’ to find organic lip balms listed again. Alternatively, just type in Lip Balm as a search term and then click Go.

Not all our products have yet been added to the website so please contact us if you are unable to find what you need. We regularly add to our range of aromatherapy products and are steadily increasing our selection of organic pure essential oils. In addition, we create many bespoke products such as specially blended massage oils for other therapists, sleep aids, and other bespoke remedies to help with specific problems, such as skin conditions.