Our Ingredients


Glossary of ingredients used in Best Aromatics products
Apricot kernel oil (prunus armeniaca) Obtained from the kernel of apricot fruit. A mild oil, easily   absorbed by the skin. Especially useful for sensitive, dry or aging skin.
Avocado oil  (persea gratissima) Obtained from the dried pulp of the avocado pear. A mild, nourishing, semi-fatty oil, rich in vitamins E,D and B, lecithin and betacarotene.Useful for dry, mature skin, with a natural sun protection factor of 2-3.
Calendula oil (calendula officinalis) Obtained from the petals of the calendula (common marigold) flower, which are macerated in a vegetable oil. A great skin oil, rich in carotene. Helps reduce inflammation, promote skin regeneration and healing, and reducing scar tissue.Used to help red, inflammed, itching areas of skin.
Castor oil (ricinus communis) Obtained from the castor oil plant bean. A thick, sticky oil, used commonly in skin cleansing products as it draws dirt and impurities from the skin pores.
Jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis) Obtained from the seed of the jojoba bush. Golden yellow in colour,it is more a liquid wax than an oil. Helps nourish, moisturise and protect skin and hair.
Olive oil (olea europa) Obtained from the nearly ripe black olive fruit. A rich, fatty oil,used for centuries in cooking and in skin care for its moisturising, softening and protective properties.
Rosehip oil (rosa rubiginosa) Obtained from the seeds of the rosehip. A quite “dry” oil with a distinctive smell, rich in omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids (known as Vitamin F collectively), and vitamin E. Helps to soothe fine wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth. Is very useful for sensitive or damaged skin, due to its regenerative properties.
Sweet almond oil (prunus amygdalus dulcis) Obtained from the seeds of the sweet almond tree. A mild, soft, smooth, semi-fatty oil useful for most skin types. Used in skin care, baby and hair products and in eczema and psoriasis creams.
Thistle or Safflower oil (carthamus tinctorius) Obtained from the seeds in the heads of the plant. Excellent source of omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids (80%). It is easily absorbed and blends well with other vegetable oils.Particularly good for oily skin or sensitive, thin skin.
                                                               BUTTERS   & WAXES
Beeswax (cera flava) Obtained from honey combs after honey has been removed. Protects skin due to its wax content without blocking pores, allowing the skin to breathe. Used in our lip balms and skin balms.
Cocoa butter (theobroma cacao) Obtained from the cocoa beans found in the fruit of the cocoa tree. It has a fat-like consistency which makes it good for dry skin, nourishing, soothing and protecting skin.Used in skin creams, ointments, lip balms.
Shea butter (butyrospermum parkii) Obtained from the stone of the shea tree fruit. Useful for all skin types, as it moisturises and protects, with a natural Sun Protection Factor of 2-3. Excellent for dry skin and damaged or stretched skin e.g. stretch marks
                                           EMULSIFIERS (used to enable oil and water to blend)
Cetyl alcohol A white, firm wax obtained from palm oil fatty acid. Used to give creams consistency and helps smooth and soften the skin.
Sodium stearoyl lactylate Produced from palm and coconut oil, from sustainable sources, and lactic acid obtained from sugar beet.
Glyceryl stearate Produced from palm and coconut oil from sustainable sources.
Mipa laureth sulphate  andCocoamidopropyl betaine Produced from vegetable fats.N.B. Not to be confused with SLS detergents
NFF Complex (Sodium lactate, sodium PCA,  urea, hydrolysed vegetable protein) Vegetable based moisturising factor, made from soya beans, and asparagus extract. Helps retain moisture in the skin.
Glycerine Obtained from sustainable palm oil. Helps to soften and retain   moisture in the skin.
Carbamide Helps to soften hard skin and is mildly antiseptic. Naturally occurs in the body as uric acid, but is synthesised using ammonia and carbon dioxide.


Vitamin E (tocopherol acetate) Obtained from sunflower seeds, used for its antioxidant, healing and skin cell stimulant properties.
Xanthan Gum A natural polysaccharide, used to make gel bases.
Aloe vera Obtained from the Mexican aloe vera plant.Used for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial and skin healing and soothing properties.
Carotene Extracted from carrots, this is useful for dry, tired skin, and for  adding natural colour to products.
Hydrosols/ Herbal or Floral waters These are by-products of the essential oil distillation process, so contain a small amount of essential oil. They can be used in place of water component in products, and are used extensively in skin toners.
Blue Azulene A natural blue colour extracted from German Chamomile.
Herbal tinctures Tinctures are liquid extracts of the soluble constituents of plants and are made by placing dried or fresh herbs in alcohol.
Natural aromas e.g.chocolate Produced from organic raw materials, these are added to give aroma and flavour to lip balms